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Image by Priscilla Du Preez


RebelRising Recovery 

RebelRising Recovery community for women


This group provides an additional resource for women in recovery.  We will focus on whole body wellness while living in community with one another.  We value community.  We value safety. We value recovery. 


Recovery is a rebirth. It is the beginning of life.  We leave behind the old to make room for the new.  It is an opportunity to renew and rebuild.  We rise again.  


We are a strong community of women rebuilding our lives together, becoming the woman we are designed to be.  We are women who support each other, who walk in community together, who encourage each other.  We are resilient and this resilience is our new super power.  We have a renewed strength because of everything that we have faced and overcame. We want more for our lives and we will not stop fighting for ourselves.


You can consider this group next level recovery.  It is designed for the women who demand more for themselves and know they are DESERVING of so much more.  We will address all areas of our being: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and this will all be done in community with one another. 


How does it work: 

  • There will be a weekly support group meeting that will be trauma informed and women specific

  • The groups will be confidential, whether on virtual platform or in person 

  • You will have access to sober coaching through an app 

  • Private Facebook group

  • We will focus on different topics that aren’t discussed in 12 step groups

  • We will work with the whole body (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)

  • There will be a monthly service project – giving back is what we do. 



Fee: Donation based as we navigate Covid -19.  Starting 7/1 - $49 every 4 weeks .

*this is not a replacement for substance use treatment or 12 step recovery 

**This is open to all women in recovery

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