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Racing & endurance community 

RebelRising Racing


RebelRising Racing is an endurance community for women who have faced substance abuse and trauma.  The impact of substance abuse and trauma can be devastating on a person’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Having as many resources as possible is an essential part of a person’s recovery and aids in building resilience.

We provide a safe and supportive space for women to move through recovery.  We understand the importance of living in community and lifting each other up.  We value the benefits of participating in sport. Sport is not meant as a replacement for treatment/recovery, rather it is an additional tool to help build resilience and community. 

We are not defined by our past but we can utilize it to draw on the strengths that we gained from our experiences.  By living in supportive community we can embrace these strengths and utilize them to empower ourselves and one another. 

What we offer:

Weekly group workouts

 Team Races

Facebook group

Supportive community

RebelRising Racing gear 

Endurance coaching*

Education on trauma

Resources for trauma treatment

Each women who joins the team will receive education on what trauma is and its potential impact.  Resources for treatment will be provided if needed.  

*Coaching & training plans are available for a fee.

Coming Soon!

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