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IFS Healing Circles


IFS Healing Circles

Where shame and isolation meet love and connection.

Many of us are harmed in relationship and find ourselves isolated and alone out of fear of being harmed again. What if we could learn to trust and be vulnerable with each other in a safe container.


Doing group work can bring profound healing that may not occur in a one on one therapeutic relationship. In addition, there is an opportunity to learn how to hold space for others, what it means to have safe relationships, and opportunity for healthy repair.

All Parts Welcome 

This course is for you if: 

You are committed to your healing and are looking for a community of like-minded people.

You are a helping professional: therapist, coach, or spiritual worker, who would like to go deeper into your own healing.

You are a person in recovery from substance use and are yearning for connection with yourself and others.

You are on a healing journey and would like to connect with others in an open, vulnerable, and authentic using IFS in a sacred circle.

You have had a spiritual awakening and would like to deepen your connection to your “Spiritual Self”.

What is the group format?

Each circle begins at the beginning of the season with ceremony to bring in the season. Each session will consist of somatic meditation, parts check in, and a circle. One person will be in the "client" seat and the other participants will either sit in for their parts or hold space and witness. Everyone in the group will be engaged in each other's process.

What are the course details?

There will be an IFS Healing Circle offering at the beginning of each season.

Next circle is honoring he winter solstice, first session begins 12/20. Depending on number of participants we will have two more sessions then participants. (ex. if we have 8 participants we will have 10 sessions)

When: Wednesdays from 5:00 - 6:30PM EST

Dates: Every other Wednesday

Where: 20525 Center Ridge Suite 615 Rocky River, OH 44116

Cost - $100 non refundable sign up fee. $75 per session (insurance is not accepted)

What you will learn from an IFS Healing Circle?

    How to identify parts/patterns within your internal system and how these patterns show up in relationships.

    Learn how to hold space for each other in relationship.

    How to speak for your parts vs from your parts 

    How to access Self Energy. What it means to hold Self Energy.

    What safety, connection, and co-regulation are in relationship.

What is the schedule?

Week 1: Overview of the Model 

Week 2: Self Energy

Week 3: Getting to know a part with 6Fs

Week 4: Managers and Firefighters 

Week 5: Self led feedback 

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