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I help athletes and high performers find balance and fulfillment in life while still keeping their competitive edge  


You have faced adversity throughout your life and have overcome so much. You are always seeking the next challenge, its where you thrive. You have been known to have a push-push mentality and are not afraid to drive yourself hard to succeed.  


You are an athlete, working hard is your specialty but you find yourself being overly critical with yourself and can’t seem to let yourself off the hook. 


Your performance is leveling off and you just cant seem to make the gains you want to be making because you are riddled with fatigue.


You love the thrill of the game but lost your hunger to train and compete. 


…… have hit a roadblock. You continue to feel stressed out, unmotivated, and even detached at times. You have abused substances or food to make yourself feel better


You continue to drive yourself like you are used to doing but can’t seem to get past this block. You realize that something is missing and have decided to take the big step of reaching out and asking for help.  



Whether you want to address clinical issues or develop new mental performance skills, helping you become a more rounded athlete while gaining a greater performance edge is my upmost priority. 

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