Very excited to announce what is in store at RebelRising Wellness for 2021!!! We are in the beginning phases of creating a non profit and a much needed service for women in recovery. Let me introduce:

RebelRising Recovery

RebelRising Recovery is a non profit for women who have faced substance use disorders and trauma.

It is our mission to empower women through education, treatment, and community to recover, restore, and revolutionize their lives and communities following the impact of trauma and addiction.

What we do:

RebelRising Recovery will offer traditional treatment options such as individual therapy and outpatient groups that are trauma focused and women specific. In addition, to therapy, recovery coaching will be available for an additional support for a stand alone service or in combination with therapy services.

RebelRising Recovery is committed to educating others on the impact of trauma, on an individual basis as well as a community level. Education will include: how we define trauma and attachment wounding, the connection with substance use, how it impacts a person, and what treatment modalities to look for when referring to helping professionals. Addiction and trauma go together like peanut butter and jelly, usually when there is one, you will find the other. Approximately 2/3, if not more of people who struggle with addiction have experienced trauma or attachment wounding. Most substance use treatment today addresses only the substance use and neglects this crucial piece of a persons healing.

RebelRising Recovery will focus on building resilience in the women they serve. This will be accomplished through an endurance racing community for women. Women will gain the benefit of having a strong community around them as they work to create overall physical fitness in their lives, learn how to set goals and accomplish them, while being surrounded with other women in recovery. Through community and sport our goal is to help the women build more resilience in their life. In addition to the community, the women will have access to sober coach to help them reach their fitness and overall life/recovery goals. In the future, RRR is planning on hosting retreats for women in recovery.

How you can help:

We are currently seeking board members to help get this venture off the ground. If you feel tied to this mission and are interested in being a part of the growth of this venture, please reach out to me: or

My intention for this blog is to provide an insider view of the creation of this non profit. I want to take you all along with me and my team as we create this much needed service for women in recovery. I promise to share the journey of the creation of this non profit. I promise to share from an authentic and vulnerable space. We can share the milestones, successes, trials and tribulations, along with my intentions, fears, and barriers that surface during this journey. I will also show how I apply my spirituality learned in recovery and how I use an athlete mindset during this process. I believe that using the spiritual principles that I have learned throughout my recovery and applying an athlete mindset to the creation of this venture will be the foundation of its success.

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