Sober Coaching 

What is sober coaching: 

Think sponsor meets life coach.  Sober coaching is an extra layer of accountability to help reinforce recovery based behaviors while creating new healthy habits.  

What is is it not: 

Substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, nutrition counseling, triathlon coaching, divorce mediation, job placement, etc...although we can work to create goals in these areas to help you tackle some of these concerns. 

Why sober coaching: 

The unfortunate reality is that 40-60% of people relapse in their first year of sobriety. Having a sober coach will help you to build resilience and create a life that is much more fulfilling.  By addressing all aspects of your health, you will become a much healthier version of yourself.  

Who is it for: 

Anyone with at least 30 days of sobriety or more who is interested in creating overall wellness in their life.   

How does it work: 

We will sit down and assess your goals.  From there we will create a plan to implement changes in your overall wellness.We will prioritize your goals and slowly implement strategies to create change.   We will utilize mental performance techniques, mindfulness, behavior modification, MI, and other strategies. 

Full Coaching

1 x week 45 minute session


Goal Setting

Wellness Plan

Vision/Mission Statement

Unlimited communication through app​


$99 - Start up fee

Half Coaching

Biweekly 45 minute session 


Goal Setting

Wellness Plan

Vision/Mission Statement

Unlimited communication through app​


$99 - Start up fee

Individual Sessions

45 minute one on one session

In depth review of your needs and background

Work collaboratively to gain a holistic picture of you as a recovering person 

$99 - 45 minute session

$49 - 30 minute session

This service does NOT provide mental health/substance abuse counseling.  If mental health/substance use concerns are present, client will be referred to a mental health professional. Services may be terminated if mental health or sobriety needs are impacting clients progress.  This service will not provide nutrition or fitness advice. The coach will support the client in meeting his/her goals that are created by the client in their recovery wellness plan. 

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