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My sad and embarrassed parts are here to say that in my own error, I made the mistake of not reaching out to the IFS Institute before I advertised this course.  I deeply apologize for this mistake.  The IFS Institute has strict guidelines on who can put out courses as well as intellectual property.  To hold a course a person must be IFS Certified and with certification you gain access to intellectual property rights. 


Embodied Self

A five week intro course to learn the basics of IFS therapy and connect with other like minded people

During this experiential 5 week course you will go from feeling disconnected from yourself and others to a deeper connection with your own experience and in relation to others. 


Learn basic IFS skills that you can begin to incorporate into your daily life. You will gain insight of your own internal landscape and gain greater understanding of some of your unwanted behaviors. This awareness will lead to greater harmony and balance.

All Parts Welcome 

This course is for you if: 

  • You are committed to self-improvement and are looking for a community of like-minded people 

  • You are a helping professional: therapist, coach, or spiritual worker, who would like to know more about the basics of the IFS model 

  • You are a person in recovery from substance use and would like to learn more how the IFS model can help your recovery 

  • You are on a healing journey and would like to know how the practice of IFS can aid in your healing 

  • You have had a spiritual awakening and would like to deepen your connection to your “Spiritual Self”

What is the course structure?

We will start every session with a parts meditation and check in. Next, we will have a short lecture on the topic of the week.  Here you will spend time learning the basic concepts. Then we practice. In the practice round you may spend time solo, with a partner or in a small group.  Finally, we bring it back together to share and close together as a group. 

What are the course details?

When: Wednesdays from 6:15-7:30 PM EST

Dates: 8/2, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23, 8/30

Where: Class will be held over Zoom 

Cost - $150

What you will learn from this course?
  • Basic overview of the IFS model 

  • Learn basic somatic tools 

  • How to speak for your parts vs from your parts 

  • How to access Self Energy

  • Getting to know your protectors 

What is the schedule?

Week 1: Overview of the Model 

Week 2: Self Energy

Week 3: Getting to know a part with 6Fs

Week 4: Managers and Firefighters 

Week 5: Self led feedback 

This service does NOT provide mental health/substance abuse counseling.  If mental health/substance use concerns are present, client will be referred to a mental health professional. Services may be terminated if mental health or sobriety needs are impacting clients progress.  This service will not provide nutrition or fitness advice. The coach will support the client in meeting his/her goals that are created by the client. 

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