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Ellie Rome

Ellie is a Certified Breathwork Practitioner, Emotional Eating Coach, Founder of Comfort Zone Retreats  and Leader of the Comfort Zone Friday community. Ellie is a former Chemical Engineer who developed many health issues due to chronic stress, burn out, sugar addiction, and destructive eating and lifestyle habits. Through her own healing with nutrition, yoga, breathwork and other modalities,  she left her engineering job and became certified as a Functional Nutrition & Emotional eating coach. Over the last 8 years Ellie has coached hundreds of people to transform their relationship with food and reclaim their mental and physical health. Over this time Ellie has developed a deep passion for leading breathwork and Retreats. Somatic Breathwork has been one of the most powerful, transformative healing modalities. Ellie facilitates Somatic Breathwork for groups, private events, and 1:1 sessions. 

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