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"Jennifer has been my coach for several months. I’ve been improving physically, but the greater achievements are my mental and emotional changes. I struggle with doing too much and time management.  Jennifer gently encourages me to focus on my goals, eliminate unproductive activities, and rest. She has helped me reach a level of balance in a few months that I’ve sought for years."


Susan Russell LISW-S, LICDC-CS

"I switched to Jen as my coach because her over all view of training and the experience of triathlon as more than just go go go. She cares about the complete picture of me as an athlete. This includes my mental health, my actual health and my happiness. This experience has been way more pleasant and a bit different to my previous coaching experiences. She is in touch with me constantly and makes adjustments to my plan to suit me over all goals. 


I always joke with Jen that shes stuck with me for at least 6 seasons and a movie , but in all honesty if I have it my way she will be my coach for life."

James Robertson

"Jennifer is patient and supportive, but also knows how to push you beyond your own self-determined limits. She also understands that different people thrive on different kinds of things. For me, it was always helpful to understand the “why” behind the work we were doing together and Jennifer readily provided that. Working with Jennifer, I trained hard and met and exceeded my personal goals, while also learning to train with joy and gratitude every day."

Cathy Faye, PhD

"When I first started my introduction with Coach I wasn’t exactly on board 100%....Over the course of the first month or so I realized the structure and the time Coach spent to get to know me as an individual was unlike anything else I have experienced...Coach showed up in my life when I was strong physically yet mentally as fragile as they come. Coach was able to relate to situations in my life that basically held me back from achieving my goals and needs as an athlete.


After 6 months of this interaction and commitment I was able to tackle some of my fears of triathlons that I wouldn’t have been able to deal with alone. Again my fears weren’t physical, it was mental hang ups. But every race I went to I knew I belonged at the starting corral along the others. I owe that 100% to Coach. I have talked with other athletes about coaches and realized how lucky I was to have Jennifer. Yes I recommend Coach Jennifer to every athlete who wants a mental and physical edge"

-Lloyd W. 

"Although I’ve been an athlete for over 30 years and trained previously with other coaches, Jennifer is the best!

She provides an excellent training program from her years of education and experience.  Jennifer also understands that each person varies in their schedules with family and work. 


I chose her coaching because I went back to doing triathlons.  I’m happy with the results this past year and looking forward to more progress.  It’s serious work that requires dedication, but Jennifer also makes it fun.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, I encourage you to sign up for Jennifer’s coaching.  You’ll see results and have the bonus of her extra encouragement and attention"


"Jen coached me through my 2nd half marathon, a sprint and Olympic triathlon. I didn't think I would ever be be able to swim when I started tri training and she knelt beside me on the pool deck and gave encouragement "you can do this, anything worth doing just takes work." From there its been an amazing journey and getting those hugs at the finish line and telling me "you are a triathlete" 💗

-Barb Phillips 

Literally, a life changer working with Jen:  She trained me to success in my very first ironman. Her approach seamlessly unifies coaching and mental performance. She is very flexible and creative with my 70+ hour work week, the open feedback loop we have developed makes me feel like she is there and part of all of my workouts (vs the constructor of all of my workouts!) ,  and invaluably, she has helped cultivate my brain muscle into realizing that I can do much more than I think I can……. and I did!

-Beth M

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